ES2019 or ES10 is the 2019 version of JavaScript. After the major 2015 update, JavaScript has been evolving every year. Developers get a small set of useful features, that helps us balance between innovation and stability. You can also follow […]

What’s New in ES2019?

Back in 2015, I was developing applications using Backbone and Marionette, when a young developer approached me to tell me something exciting. "Check out React", he said. I have heard this before with AngularJs, with KnockoutJs, and during that time, […]

React Context API

In the last few months, I have been coordinating a software project as a tech lead. From a PR perspective, we are calling this position as a tech lead, but in reality, I am undertaking an architect role. It is […]

Analyzing Requirements as a Tech Lead

In software development, working with strings is a common problem. We often read, process, and write text files, perform logging on the activities of a system, or analyze user input. Learning how to perform string operations is essential in any […]

Using Strings in JavaScript

This is another episode of the JavaScript for Beginners series. In the first post, you have learned how to write basic JavaScript code. In this article, you will find out how to use JavaScript with HTML and CSS. The goal […]

Using JavaScript with HTML and CSS

Even though you have seen many tech interview exercises already, we have not covered algorithmic complexity yet. Therefore, I will just give you a straight to the point explanation of the big O notation. Big O is a performance metric […]

Big O Notation for Beginner Tech Interview Candidates

In this article, you will learn about higher order functions. An important cornerstone of functional programming is higher order functions. If you want to write programs in mostly functional style, it is inevitable that you master the basics of higher […]

Higher Order Functions in JavaScript

This article will give you an overview on the new features of ES2018. First, we will discuss the new features of ES2018. Then you will learn what you need to do to start using them today. You may want to […]

What’s New in ES2018?

As I promised in my last article on JavaScript fundamentals, you can expect some beginner-friendly content on this blog along with some learning paths. I strongly believe in practical application. Therefore, I will not bore you with facts, long theory, […]

JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners

This article is a continuation of last week's post on ES2017 Async-Await, detailing the updates of ES2017. Check out the ES2016 plus compatibility table for more information on the current browser support. Most likely, you will need a transpiler. Use […]

ES2017 Object and String Extensions

The ability to write asynchronous functions is a major update in ES2017. In order to understand this chapter, I suggest that you review the chapter on promises. What are asynchronous functions? Asynchronous functions are functions that return a promise. We […]

A Practical Introduction to ES2017 Async-Await