ES2015 Course – Introduction

Thank you for confirming your interest.

EcmaScript 2015 is a significant update to the language, ratified in June 2015. ES2015 has become the new JavaScript standard. Whether you are looking for a new job, launching a side project, or improve developer experience in your current job, ES2015 is the most important asset you can learn.

Without ES2015, you will have a hard time understanding many JavaScript articles, including the ones I will write in the future.

This series gives you five lessons from the course ES6 in Practice in the form of short lessons.

You can expect the following standards in any course I give you:

  • I treat your time valuable. Less is more. Expect compact content straight to the point.
  • Expect extra emphasis on practical use cases.
  • foo, bar etc. are banned. Regardless of how simple an example is, you will read real code with real names.
  • Expect exercises at the end of most lessons. You will get access to the reference solutions by clicking a link at the bottom of each article.

Access the first lesson here.

Access a concise summary on the features of ES6 by clicking here. This is a preliminary version on GitHub. If you have any feedback, feel free to reply to any email I send you.