In this article, I will share my future plans with you about this tech blog. People who like to work with ES6, React, Redux, automated testing, and acceptance testing with Selenium, will like the new path. You will soon read […]

The New Path – Lessons Learned This Year

Most developers emphasize immutability when dealing with functional programming. Code written in functional style is testable, because the functions operate on data treated as immutable. In practice though, I see this principle violated from time to time. I will present […]

Introduction to Immutable.js

Should I write comments in my code? Should I avoid them at all costs? Should I use them sparingly? When developing software, all developers have their view on how and when to use comments. This article will reflect my opinion, […]

Are JavaScript Comments Useless?

You may have heard the advice that maintainable software is build using highly cohesive and loosely coupled building blocks. This is a statement that’s easy to remember, but difficult to understand. This article will clarify cohesion and coupling. Cohesion According […]

Understanding Cohesion and Coupling

Logging Reference Types
Following the previous post about principles of debugging web applications, it is time to explore JavaScript debugging in practice. Browser Developer Tools My personal favorite is the Chrome Developer Tools. Safari and Firefox don’t match the high standards set by […]

JavaScript Debugging Tips and Tricks

Regardless of our coding skills we all make mistakes. Bugs do not only appear in our own code. Most web-applications are created by teams, and your teammates have the same right to make mistakes as you do. In addition, inheriting […]

Principles of Debugging Web Applications

JavaScript made its way from being a toy language for simple animations to becoming a language for client side and server side web application development. Some generic concepts also made their way to the JavaScript world and developers become more […]

Cloning Objects in JavaScript

Reference Types
JavaScript does not give you full access to your data structures in memory. However, reference types still exist in the language. Mixing value and reference types comes with unwanted side-effects and bugs. Understanding the difference between value and reference types […]

Understand Value and Reference Types in JavaScript