Exercise: What is memoization? What are its benefits? What is the necessary condition for using memoization? Illustrate the benefits of memoization using an example. Remark: Expect these types of questions when bridging theory with practice. You need to know what […]

Memoization in JavaScript

Exercise: Create a stopwatch that counts down from a given number of seconds in the format mm:ss. Make it possible to start, pause, and reset the countdown. Make sure you can pass a callback function to the timer that is […]

JavaScript Tech Interview Exercise 16: Stopwatch

As some of my subscribers might already know, I was busy authoring a JavaScript course on microservices together with Packt Publishing. This kind of cooperation is always interesting, because there are fixed target dates to follow, and I tend to […]

An Introduction to Microservices

A regular expression is converted into code executed in a virtual machine. This virtual machine runs on the virtual machine of the host language or editor. Abstract models make us understand how regular expressions are executed. Although these models often […]

Visualizing Regex Execution using Finite State Machines

You might not know about me that I have conducted tech interviews with over 500 software developers from more than twenty countries with the objective of identifying and hiring the best talent. I have also been in the candidate position, […]

JavaScript Tech Interview Exercise 8: Video Player