It is very easy to experiment with JavaScript regular expressions, as JavaScript is accessible in all browsers. I will use the Chrome Developer Tools to execute regular expressions. The > symbol denotes an input. The return value and console logs […]

Regular Expressions in JavaScript

ES6 Promises
Promises represent the eventual result of an asynchronous operation. They give us a way to handle asynchronous processing in a more synchronous fashion. A promise represents a value we can handle in the future, with the following guarantees: promises are […]

ES6 Promises – Quick Start Guide

Not too long ago, React made a jump from version 0.14 to 15.0. Following this major jump, the first major version update has arrived. Let’s examine what surprises React 16.0 holds for us. Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! Facebook claims they […]

What’s new in React 16.0?

In the article Building a Chat Component in React and ES6, we learned a way to create React components: [crayon-5ab311098669d582514378/] This simple component is written by extending React.Component. We will now introduce another way to define simple components. You will […]

Container Components and Stateless Functional Components in React

controlled components in React
In this short article, you will get a chance to learn what controlled components are and why they are beneficial. Suppose a component has an input field with a value depending on the state of the component. The default value […]

Creating Controlled Components in React

A proxy is an object that wraps an object or a function and monitors access to the wrapped item, a.k.a. the target. We use proxies for the intention of blocking direct access to the target function or object. The proxy […]

ES6 Proxies in Practice

Magic numbers
Bread is made by mixing ingredients of more or less fixed proportions. There is a tolerance around these proportions defined by the quality standards. This level of tolerance ensures that the quality of the mix stays the same regardless of […]

How to Shatter Magic Numbers in Software Testing

Arrow Functions
In this article, I will introduce my new Youtube channel with two videos. Both videos are from ES6 in Practice. By watching these short videos, you can learn about Arrow Functions, and you can also put theory into practice by […]

Video Tutorial – ES6 Arrow Functions with 3 Exercises

In this article, we will extend our application setup with linting. If you have not read my article on setting up a JavaScript application with React, I highly recommend reading it first. Setting Up ESLint ESLint helps us catch mistakes […]

Use ESLint Like a Pro with ES6 and React